Javaチャレンジ Java Challenge


今年度の東京大会においては、ACM-ICPCの参加チームによるリーグ戦 (Contestants League)に加え、ゲストの方々の参加によるリーグ戦(Special League) も併せて開催予定です(予定)。

取り組みに必要な一式等の詳細は JavaChallenge 2014( ) を参照してください。


Java Challenge is another programming contest held within the ACM-ICPC event. Teams compete with each other on programming without any “correct” answer, typically programming of players in match-up games. The 2014 ACM-ICPC Asia Tokyo Regional Contest follows this direction and provides an interesting match-up game for the Java Challenge.

This year, other than “Contestants League”, we also will have an additional “special league”, welcoming teams from the sponsor companies. (TBD)

Please refer to JavaChallenge 2014 ( ) for further information including the challenger kit and the game document.