World Finals team selection rules (2022-23 cycle)

Apply Steps A1 through A4 below in this order.

A1. Define the site score of a regional as follows.

0.56 * number of universities in regional
+ 0.24 * number of teams in regional
+ 0.14 * number of universities in preliminary contests
+ 0.06 * number of teams in preliminary contests
+ 0.3 * number of foreign teams

Only teams or universities solving at least one problem are counted.

A2. Sort our six regionals according to their site scores.

A3. Let N be the number of World Finals slots given from the ICPC Headquarters. Until the sum of the number of allocated slots reaches N, allocate slots to regionals, one by one, in the descending order of their site scores. When all six regionals are allocated one slot each, continue from the regional with the highest site score in the round robin fashion.

A4. For each regional, let M be the number of slots allocated to the regional through the step A3. Select the M highest ranked universities. The team with the highest rank in the university is automatically selected.