Asia Pacific (2022-23 cycle) contests and rules

This document doesn’t apply to or include The South Pacific Independent Regional Contest for teams from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. It has its own rules. World Finals teams are selected independently of the other Asia Pacific regionals.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, this year’s Asia Pacific rules will again be quite different from those of usual years.

Only the following six regionals will be held this year.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Seoul, Korea
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Yokohama, Japan

We have set a team participation rule. This rule is a special one for this year (2022 cycle) only.

Teams from a hosting country (Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam) can only join the regional held in their own country. Universities from non-hosting countries should choose a regional. Note that all teams from a single university have to join the same regional.

World Finals team selection rules can be found here.

Note on Asia Pacific semi-final contest

An Asia Pacific semi-final contest (play-off contest) has been under consideration, but no play-off contest will take place for the 2022-23 cycle. It is expected that the play-off contest will take place for the 2023-24 cycle.