To Enjoy the Contest

We offer several ways for the people who love the Programming Contest to enjoy the Tsukuba Regional.

  • Live streaming (Oct. 16, Sunday)

    Enjoy live broadcasting of the contest through the Internet! Video is available on real-time ranking system and niconico.

  • Real-time Ranking System (Oct. 16, Sunday)

    See the ranking of your favorite teams at any time during the contest.

  • ACM-ICPC 2016 Asia Tsukuba Regional Online Open Contest (Oct. 16, Sunday, starting at 9:15AM (tentative))

    How well can you do compared to the teams in the regional contest? Join the Online Open Contest to try to solve the same set of problems as those used in the Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest. The Online Open Contest is provided by the Aizu Online Judge (AOJ, desgined and operated by Yutaka Watanobe, the University of Aizu.)

    Click the contest page to join it.

    Note that the Online Open Contest is held for people who want to join the fun, but it is BY NO MEANS an official/authorized/carefully designed contest system. Your solutions may not be checked promptly, or the system may fail to conduct the contest.