ICPC Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest 2016

The 2016 ACM-ICPC Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest 2016 is over. Thank you for your participation and cooperation! See you in ICPC 2017!
Yukiyoshi Kameyama (Director) and Katsuhiko Kakehi (Co-Director and ICPC Japan board chair)

Results Live Scoreboard (final snapshot), Contest Problems,
Results and Standings, Judge data, Commentary by Judges
Photos Contest Scene, Team Photos
Dates October 15 (Sat) – 16 (Sun), 2016
Venue Tsukuba International Congress Center (EPOCHAL TSUKUBA)
(Welcome Reception is held in the University of Tsukuba)
Starting time Oct. 15 (Sat) 14:00-14:45 (pm); Do not be late, please!
Closing Time Oct. 16 (Sun) 20:00 (pm)
Accommodation The hotels below are in nearby locations from the Kenkyu-gakuen Station of Tsukuba Express Railway.

1. Toyoko Inn Tsukuba Express Kenkyu-gakuen-eki Kita-guchi (map)
2. Hotel Mark-1 Tsukuba* Each team (coach) should have already received an email from our secretariat about your hotel information. Please check it, and let us know if you have questions.
Registration Fee free of charge

Qualification and Application procedure for the Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest

Application for the 2016 Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest has been closed. You can check the application procedure here.

Host Univesrity and Organizers

Host University