The rules for eligibility for the contest (whether a student/a coach/a team can participate in the ACM-ICPC contests) is determined by the ACM-ICPC World Site. See the Regional Rules; the sections for Basic Requirements and Period of Eligibility are the most relevant.
(Note. (2016/04/16)The web page in the world site has been updated and now refers to this year’s regional rules.)

Japan-specific Rules

  • If you belong to an institution in Japan, you must participate in Japan Online First-Round Contest as your first contest. The eligibility rules for Japan Online First-Round Contest are the same as those for Regional Contests defined above.
  • In Japan Online First-Round Contest, each team must be supervised by a proctor. A proctor must be a faculty member of the team’s institution.

    A proctor can be a coach of some team (if he/she is a faculty member), and can serve as a proctor for multiple teams.

  • Questions and inquiries should be sent to the Organizing Committee (ICPC2016 [at] cs.tsukuba.ac.jp).

Eligibility for the Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest

All teams must conform to the eligibility rules defined in the ACM-ICPC World Site.

Teams whose members belong to an institution in Japan must participate in Japan Online First-Round Contest to qualify for Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest.

Participation from abroad (outside of Japan) will be determined by the Organizing Committee based on the balance of institutions and countries.