Industrial Sponsor Awards

The following lists the Industrial Sponsor Awards that were handed out during the closing ceremony.

Company Prize Name Prize Given to Team University
Recruit Co., Ltd. Indeed 15th Anniversary Award Yakiniku gift card 4th place (15 in binary is 1111, which has 4 bits) UT a.k.a Is The University of Tokyo
Preferred Networks, Inc. Preferred Networks Award Technological book in Japanese (2 books per contestants) 1st place Japanese team Gifted Infants The University of Tokyo
Technological book in Japanese (1 book per contestants) 2nd place Japanese team UT a.k.a Is The University of Tokyo
3rd place Japanese team iwiwi University of Tsukuba
4th place Japanese team earlybird Kyoto University
5th place Japanese team narianZ Tokyo Institute of Technology
6th place Japanese team Zerokan_Sunshine Kyoto University
7th place Japanese team WAsedAC Waseda University
8th place Japanese team UKUNICHIA University of Aizu
9th place Japanese team catsatmat The University of Tokyo
10th place Japanese team Apollopia The University of Tokyo
11th place Japanese team Tigerzet Kyoto University
12th place Japanese team 60odnight Tokyo Institute of Technology
13th place Japanese team priMe.caT Ritsumeikan University
14th place Japanese team ei1333 Shizuoka University
15th place Japanese team Return_ZUKKY University of Aizu
16th place Japanese team NaottiMinMax National Institute of Technology, Matsue College
17th place Japanese team Aobayama_dropout Tohoku University
18th place Japanese team konjo_jam Kyushu University
19th place Japanese team TEAM_IZ Kobe University
20th place Japanese team getting_over_32 Kobe University
MUJIN, Inc. MUJIN Award Mug and stationery set The team that has the least number of incorrect submissions among its solved problems and has the highest standing UKUNICHIA University of Aizu
bitFlyer, Inc. Satoshi Nakamoto Award bitFlyer T-shirt and hoodie 9th place Zerokan_Sunshine Kyoto University
Google Japan G.K. googolplex Award Google Home Mini {(1 googolplex mod N) mod M} place, where N is the total number of correct submissions at the regional contest, M is the number of participating teams, and 1 googolplex = 10^(10^100). priMe.caT Ritsumeikan University
Tata Consultancy Services Japan, Ltd. TCS Japan Award TCS Japan novelty goods The first team to correctly solve the problem that had the most number of correct submissions Manual/Intelligence Shanghai Jiao Tong University
DWANGO Co., Ltd. niconico Award Technological book by Ascii Dwango and niconico goods (1 set per team) 2nd place Gifted Infants The University of Tokyo
5th place iwiwi University of Tsukuba
25th place nowcow Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
e-Seikatsu Co., Ltd. e-Seikatsu Award cheero CLIP (all-purpose clip) JBL Pebbles (USB speaker) 11th place UKUNICHIA University of Aizu
Fixstars Corporation Fixstars Award echo dot (2nd generation) smart speaker with Alexa The team that had the first correct submission Manual/Intelligence Shanghai Jiao Tong University
freee K.K. Amatsubame (10286) Award freee original novely goods (teacup, mug, sticker, pen, T-shirt) 10th place WAsedAC Waseda University
28th place Semuderna Saitama University
6th place Manual/Intelligence Shanghai Jiao Tong University
NTT Communications Corporation NTT Communications Award Drone (1 per contestant) Among all teams that correctly solved 6 or more problems, the team whose average time to solve was the shortest Manual/Intelligence Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Opt, Inc. Build up your energy with a well balanced meal Award Either (a) having a professional chef cook a meal for you, or (b) 15,000 yen worth of Chef Gourmet gift card 30th place AtComleader University of Yamanashi
31st place four-t Hokkaido University
Retrieva, Inc. Dog’s bark Award (Note: Retrieva’s logo is a dog) Retrieva novelty goods 1st place Phewwww Peking University
11th place UKUNICHIA University of Aizu
Light Transport Entertainment, Inc. A: Monte Carlo Award Base Pasta (1 set per team) Chosen using a pseudo random number based on the first place team’s score ei1333 Shizuoka University
B: Maccha Neko Award Maccha Neko Calendar (1 per contestant) Chosen using a pseudo random number based on the second place team’s score Tigerzet Kyoto University
KLab Inc. KLab Award KLab novelty goods (mobile battery, etc) The highest ranking team that did not get any of the above awards JAW National Taiwan University