Information for Coaches and Contestants

  1. Bring your student ID (or other proof of enrollment at your university) with you.
  2. Ten or more problems will be given and should be solved within the 5 hours of contest period.
  3. Only 1 computer will be provided to each team. In the Yokohama Regional Contest, we will provide 1 notebook PC connected to 1 external display, 1 mouse and 1 external keyboard; IMPORTANT: the embedded display, pointing device and keyboard of the notebook PC must not be used during the contest. Contestants must use only the external English keyboard provided by the Yokohama Regional Contest organizers. Details of the contest environment and equipments can be found here.
  4. The official language of Yokohama Regional Contest is English. Therefore, all announcements and documents will be in English.
  5. Any amount of paper media can be brought to the contest (for example: books, printed reference documents, handwritten notes). In addition, stuffed toys can also be taken to the contest venue.
  6. Cameras, storage media such as CD, USB memory, any electronic instruments such as electronic dictionaries, pocket calculators, mobile phones, PHS, smart watches may not be used during the contest. If you have such items, they must be placed in your bags, backpack, etc. In such instances, make sure that they do not make any sound, e.g. turn mobile phones off.
  7. Conventional watches will also be prohibited.
  8. Refreshment such as water and snacks will be made available during the contest. They will be placed on each team’s desk.
  9. Your programs shall read in from the standard input and write out to the standard output.
  10. Contestants are not allowed to communicate with coaches and other teams’ contestants during the contest.
  11. A team may be disqualified by the regional contest director for any activities that obstruct the contest such as dislodging extension cords, unauthorized modification of contest materials, or disorderly behavior. This includes talking with the mask off.