Compile Options

The judge system use the following commands internally to compile and run the submitted programs. These commands are also available on your workstation.

C compilegcc​(no “run” command)
C++ compileg++​(no “run” command)
Java compilejava​ / r​unjava
Python 2 compilepython2​ / r​unpython2
Python 3 compilepython3​ / r​unpython3
Kotlin compilekotlin​ / r​unkotlin

For your reference, below are how your programs will be compiled and run. ​”$@” is substituted with your source file(s); ​”$DEST” is the name of the binary (which is “​./a.out”​ by default) and is chosen arbitrarily by the system.


2: DOMjudge will detect the main class automatically; you do not have to name it ​Main​. See the DOMjudge team manual for details.
3: Python’s “Compile” commands only verify the syntax. ​*.pyc​files will ​not​be used in the real run.