Teams from an institute outside of Japan

Register Coach and Team to The 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest on Baylor ICPC Web System by  September 30, 2017 (registration site for foreign teams has been opened on August 21, 2017).

Teams must conform to the basic eligibility rule.
Teams will be notified about participation in the Tsukuba Regional Contest.
If there are more than 7 teams, teams will be chosen so that the number of universities, and the number of countries are maximized.
Register additional information for the Tsukuba Regional Contest if necessary. Participate in the Asia Tsukuba Regional Contest on December 16-17. ( timetable for contest )
Please note that we will not cover the cost of accommodation and will not arrange for hotels.
To attend for the excursion, please email us at  office[at] by September 30.