Basic Eligibility Rule

The official eligibility rule is the one at the ACM-ICPC site.

If you belong to an institute in Japan, you must participate in the domestic contest. Eash team must be composed of 3 contestants (from the same school) and 1 coach.

Each contestant must satisfy all of the following four conditions.

  1. The contestant must be a student at:
    • a university/college,
    • graduate school,
    • junior college (including advanced course), or
    • a college of technology (including advanced course; contestants should be in the 4th or higher grade)
  2. The number of participation in past Asia Regional Contests must be less than 5.
  3. The number of participation in past World Finals must be less than 2.
  4. One of the following conditions is true:
    • The contestant (first) entered the university/college/junior college in 2011 or later. For students of college of technology, we will consider the advancement to the fourth year as the year of entry.
    • The contestant was born in 1992 or later.

The coach must be either a graduate student or a faculty member of the team’s institution. One person can be a coach for multiple teams.

Furthermore, during the domestic contest, a proctor must supervise the team. The proctor is responsible for certifying that the teams participated in the contest without any dishonest actions. A proctor must be a faculty member of the team’s institution. If the team’s coach is a faculty member, then he/she can also be the team’s proctor. A proctor may supervise multiple teams.

Questions should be sent to ACM-ICPC Tsukuba Site Organizing Committee (ICPC2015 [at] cs.tsukuba.ac.jp).

Asia Regional Contest (Tsukuba site) Eligibility

Teams whose members belong to a school in Japan must first participate in the Domestic Contest. Teams will then be chosen based on the selection rule for participation in the Asia Regional Contest.

Teams whose members belong to a school outside of Japan will be chosen so that the number of universities, and the number of countries are maximized.

Teams must conform to the above basic eligibility rule.