Domestic Preliminary Contest, 2015

Information of the Domestic Preliminary Contest, ACM-ICPC 2015.

Registration is closed. See the registration steps to correct your entry. (Jun 20)

Date June 26 (Fri) 16:30~19:30
(Rehearsal will be open at 11:00 – 15:00 on the day. You can practice for the contest system.)
Venue University or school of the team
(* Held over the Internet)
Results Results, Problems, Photo (in Japanese), Judge data, Details
  • Around 7 problems in total.
  • Problems are provided both in Japanese and English.
  • Problems and submission forms will be on a prescribed web site. Details will be announced to each team by e-mails beforehand.
Regulations Regulations, Judging, Selection Rule
  • A team must consist of three contestants and one coach. One person can coach multiple teams at the same university or school.
  • A team must attend the Domestic Preliminary Contest under the supervision of a faculty member of the university of school. Details like registration and rules will be announced later.
Fee No fee
  • May 15 (Fri) – Registration starts (Registration steps)
  • June 12 (Fri) 17 (wed) 17:00 – Registration deadline
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