Access and Local Information


  • Area 2 Cafeteria at University of Tsukuba (11/28 Reception)

    Please refer "Access to Tsukuba Campus – Central Area" in the web site of University of Tsukuba.
    Area 2 Cafeteria is in 2B Building of Area 2 (I-7).


  • Tsukuba Kenshu Center

    Lodging is provided for applicants of the contestants and coaches in Tsukuba Kenshu Center for the nights of November 28 and 29.
    Each contestant's room becomes a private room. There is a yukata (Japanese style informal cotton wear), but there is no equipment of toilet articles and towels, so please prepare it respectively.
    Face washing space, bathrooms, and restrooms are shared. There are body soaps, shampoos, and dryers in bathrooms.

    The meals during the contest period are provided from the night of November 28 to the noon of November 30.