System Environment

Manuals for Contestant System and Judge System



Versions may be subject to change.

  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Linux (64-bit)
  • Desktop: Unity
  • Editors: vim 7.4, gvim 7.4, emacs 24.3, gedit 3.10, Eclipse 3.8.1 (w/ CDT 8.3.0)
  • Languages: Java: OpenJDK 1.7.0, C/C++: GCC 4.8.4
  • Reference Docs: C++ STL docs, Java API docs

System Trial DVD

We provide a DVD image that helps you to install a Linux system similar to the environment that will be used in ICPC 2015 Tsukuba regional contest.


It is strongly recommended to install the trial system to virtual machines. The installer may not work in some hardwares due to missing drivers.
The installer clears all data on local disks. Please make sure all data is backed up especially if you try installation on real hardwares.


Virtual machine softwares (e.g. VirtualBox)
Disk: >10GB


  1. Download the trial DVD image from (or (md5sum: 4c3699a40a5b7d30766325b43777bf2f)
    Configure a new virtual machine and attach the trial DVD image.
  2. Start the virtual machine and hit enter key on the splash screen. All data on local disks is erased and the trial system is installed automatically.image02
  3. After installation is finished successfully, you’re prompted to eject the installer DVD. Unmount the DVD image and hit enter to reboot.
  4. You can log in to the system with user “icpc-trial” and password “icpc-trial”.