Domestic Rules

The rules for the domestic contest are as follows:

  1. Programming languages

    • The programming languages that can be used in the 2014 Nationwide Internet Contest (Domestic Contest) are C, C++, and Java
  2. No electronic preparation

    • No electronic materials (e.g., sample programs, algorithm descriptions, etc.) are allowed. Any such materials shall not be installed in advance on computers used for the contest. Similarly, no removable media, such as flash drive and CD-ROM, shall be used. Use of desktop calculators, electronic dictionaries, movile phone are also not permitted.
    • Non-electronic materials, such as text books, dictionaries, etc., can allowed for usage.
  3. No contact with non-team members

    • Contestants shall contact only with other members of the same team during the contest. Note that contestants shall not contact with the team coach nor with the reserve member.
    • Electronic mails and chats are also prohibited during the contest
  4. No remote accesses

    • Contestants shall not access the Web except for accessing the problem, submitting answers and checking the standings.
    • Accessing other machines through other measures, such as ftp and ssh is also prohibited.
    • Any other type of remote access is prohibited.
    • In preparation. Please see the Japanese version.
  5. Only one computer

    • In preparation. Please see the Japanese version.
  6. No automatic programming tools

    • Contestants shall not use any programming support tool which can generate programs automatically, such as yacc and lex.
  7. Certification

    • To Proctors: Please send a certification to the Asia Regional Tokyo On Site Contest Office immediately after the contest. Details of sending the certification are to be announced.