Tsukuba Capio (Map & Access)



  • By Train (TX Tsukuba Express)

    About 10-minute walk from Exit A3 at TX Tsukuba Express "Tsukuba Station" to Tsukuba Capio.

    * 1,190 yen from "Akihabara Station" to "Tsukuba Station."

  • By Car (Joban Expressway)

    About 15 minute-drive of "Sakura Tsuchiura Interchange Exit."

    1. Drive to the "Sakura Tsuchiura Interchange Exit" and turn left to Tsukuba Direction.
    2. Drive further west (about 800m) and turn right at "Sasagi Intersection."
    3. Drive further north (about 4km) on the Prefectural Highway 55 (Higashi Odori (East Avenue)) and turn left at "Gakuen Higashi Intersection."
    4. Drive further west (about 300m) and turn left at "Oshimizu Koen Mae Intersection." It is "Tsukuba Capio" to be seen in the right ahead.

    * Please use a toll parking lot of the neighborhood (Any discount service of the parking lot is not being carried out now).

  • By Highway Express Bus from Tokyo Station

    About 70 minutes from "Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit" by bus bound for "Tsukuba Center."

    About 10-minute walk from "Tsukuba Center."

    * Highway Express Bus Stand No.2, every 20 or 30 minutes.

    * 1,180 yen from "Tokyo Station" to "Tsukuba Center."

    * Please note that it may not arrive depending on a traffic condition in 70 minutes.